Ibu Chukwu

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3. Ibu Chukwu

Ibu Chukwu dike (You’re a powerful God)
Ibu Chukwu dimma (You’re a good God)
Imela (Thank You)
Onye omma me (You’re good to me)


Verse 1
My God o
I dey tell you I no know
Wetin I do
To deserve Your love o
Because I remember
All Your love and Your mercy so tender
Now all of my enemies dey don surrender
I say na You be God
For everything I do I go thanki God
For everything I be I go praisi God
Praise Papa e
Praise Papa e
Cause if e no be You
Me I no know wetin I for do
As You see me so I dey gbadun You
I gbadun You
Na You……..

Verse 2
It is good to give thanks to The Lord
And to sing praise to His name
To declare His loving kindness in the morning
And His faithfulness every night
To the music of the ten stringed lyre
And the melody of the harp
For You make me glad
By Your deeds o Lord
I sing for joy
At the works of Your hands

Odi ghi onye dikagi(There’s no one like you)
Odi ghi onye yi re gi(There’s no one besides You)
Afuru m gi naya(I love you)
Ibu Chim nara ekele(You are my God, recieve all the glory)
Isi nbide ndum(The beginning of my life)
Otuto di re gi(praise be to you)
Chineke(the first son of God)
Onye zoputa(You are my Saviour)
Agu ne Che mba one(The lion that guides the city)
Okaka(Strong man)
Chukwu di(There’s God)
Obi ni igwe(He that lives in the heavens)
Onye omma(You’ve been good)